Coordinator Corner

Account Summary

  Ending Bank Balance as of 7/31/2016    15,267   
  Current Year's Activity UPC Points   

  Deposits    3,213   


  Order Withdrawal    13,100    
  Current Bank Balance as of 1/22/2017 5,380   

If you have questions regarding your bank statement email us or call 1-800-424-5331 from 7AM-11PM CST, seven days a week.

   Wish List
Product Catalog Desc/Item # Point
Qty or #
of Sets
Basketball Intermediate Size
600   1   600  
Football - Intermediate Size
600   1   600  
Lite 70 Volleyball
1,000   1   1,000  
Multi-Sport Ball Pack
2,400   2   2,400  
Mega Novelty Pack
4,350   1   4,350  
Total Points Required:  11,350   
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How To Make A Wish List
Creating a wish list allows you to maintain a list of items you would like to purchase, and allows your community to see your goal and visualize how they can make a difference.

When you browse the catalog and find an item you'd like to save to your wish list, simply click the "Add To Wish List" link. You can save as many items as you'd like to your wish list.

On this page, you can change the desired quantity of each item as well as remove the item from the list.

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