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Welcome to my blog "All about Sweepstakes"
Posted Jan 30, 2014 by Robert Borman

Over the coming months I'll post stories and perspectives about sweepstakes, games and contests; best practices, trends and learnings about how these popular tactics support branding, marketing and sales efforts. My goal is to create a... Read more

4 Ways to Reduce Coupon Fraud
Posted Dec 20, 2013 by Rebecca Levitz

At the recent Society of Consumer Affairs Professional (SOCAP) National Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, leaders from major US Consumer Package Goods companies' consumer affairs and operations teams attended a bonus session to discuss the rampant coupon fraud apparent in their category and hear from a series of expert presenters and panelists about some measures they are deploying to reduce risk. Read more...

Facebook Changes its Promotion Guidelines
Posted Oct 2, 2013 by Robert Borman

Facebook recently changed its Promotion Guidelines to offer more flexibility for running sweepstakes, contests and other promotions on its platform. We've compiled some practical information to help you better understand the changes and what they mean. Read more...