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Note: This form is for questions about a warehouse or an online purchase rebate only!

For questions about other rebate programs or other non-rebate related questions, please refer to instructions below or follow the Contact Us link on

Non-Rebate Questions Or Concerns

Please click the following link and you will be redirected to the main contact us page on Here you will find contact information for any of your non-rebate related questions or concerns. Click here to follow this link to Costco's Main Contact Us page

Rebate Programs

Executive Membership 2% Reward Program

Payment of your 2% Executive Reward is automatic. There is no need to submit a request. If you have questions concerning the 2% Executive Reward Program, please call 1-(800) 220-6000 or Click here to email a Costco Customer Service Representative about the Executive Membership 2% Reward Program. Please do not use the contact us form on this page.

Rebate Submissions For Warehouse Or

If you did not find your rebate submission status at Costco's Rebate Research Center, or you have questions about a current or previous rebate claim, contact our Rebate Customer Service Department for assistance.

  • Note: Manufacturer rebates must be submitted to the manufacturer.
  • On-Line

    You can check your rebate status online at Costco's Rebate Research Center.

    By Phone

    Costco Rebate Customer Service 1-866-355-3137.

    By Email

    To inquire about a rebate submission by email, complete the form below.

    Our Customer Service Department will research your request and contact you by email or phone.

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