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We take the chance out of Sweeps & Games administration.

Arrowhead optimizes results while minimizing risk in the sweepstakes, games and contests we help structure and execute.

Clients count on us for a complete range of services, including program planning and oversight, the drafting of official legal rules and T's & C's, and the completion of all filing and reporting requirements. In addition to ensuring compliance in every U.S. state, we provide international and global legal support, too. Arrowhead also offers comprehensive program auditing, risk assessment and advice, as well as secure oversight, production management, hosting and data retention.

Along with bullet-proof security and legal compliance, Arrowhead provides total program support, from initial planning through execution and analysis. Our services encompass both digital and offline promotions, and include:

  • Program planning, consulting and troubleshooting
  • Technology support and social media deployment
  • Digital/web programming, production and hosting
  • Program management, oversight and administration
  • Legal compliance, risk management, rules & disclosures development
  • State registrations, bonding and IRS filing
  • Winner selection, validation and notification
  • Contest judging and entry moderation
  • Prize procurement and fulfillment
  • Reporting and analysis

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